Wed, 18 Mar 2009

Windows Azure Full Trust and FastCGI (PHP!)

Today we’ve launched new capabilities in the Windows Azure cloud:

  • Support for Full Trust .NET code (and therefore native code as well)
  • Support for FastCGI (e.g. PHP)

These features are live in the cloud now.  For an example, should show you that familiar phpinfo() output.  In addition, we’re announcing that in the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the first phase of our support for geo-location.

To learn more about what we released, take a look at these blog posts:

To get access to all of this, download the March CTP of our tools and SDK.  See Jim Nakashima’s blog post “Now available: March CTP of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK” for details.

I’m excited for the new stuff we’re rolling out and for all the features that are yet to come.  I’ve particularly been excited to play with PHP in the cloud.  I’ll post a little sample code tonight after my MIX session.