Thu, 29 Oct 2009

Windows Azure at PDC 2009

[UPDATE 11/24]: PDC is over!  I’ve updated the below to include the sessions that were previously kept secret.  Now all of the links point to videos of the sessions.  Enjoy!

PDC 2009 is just around the corner, and Windows Azure has a lot of coverage throughout the event.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to see previews of every session presented by a Windows Azure team member.  I can tell you there’s a lot of great content you won’t want to miss.

If you want to view all the published sessions relating to Windows Azure, you can search for “Windows Azure” on  Below, I’ve listed only the sessions about Windows Azure presented by Windows Azure team members (and my commentary on them).

There’s no real substitute for being at PDC in person, but if you’re unable to make it, all the sessions should be posted online a day or two after they’re presented.

If you are attending PDC, be sure to stop by and say hello.  Lots of Windows Azure team members will be around and are eager to talk to you, so don’t be shy!