Fri, 07 Aug 2009

NOON TODAY: Chat with the Windows Azure Team

Come join us at the Windows Azure Lounge ( today (August 7th) at 12:00pm PDT!  This is a bit of an experiment… we’re going to host a chat that’s open to anyone who shows up.  We’ll be there for at least an hour (hopefully longer if the discussion is good).  This is a unique opportunity to chat in real-time directly with the people who work on Windows Azure.

As the Lounge says, we have two goals:

  1. Hear your feedback.
  2. Answer your questions.

On that first point, we have a few questions for you, and you can go to and take a quick survey any time starting now.

This is a bit of an experiment.  None of us has tried something like this before, and we’re not sure what to expect.  If this goes well and there’s a lot of interest, I’d like to see us turn this into a regular event.  Think of it as a real-time version of our forum.

Please join us and help make this a success!  Come armed with your feedback and questions.