Tue, 27 Oct 2009

Manage Your Windows Azure Application From PowerShell

Are you reading Ryan Dunn’s blog?  If not, go subscribe to his RSS feed now.  Ryan’s the Technical Evangelist for Windows Azure.  Among other things, he’s constantly releasing useful tools for Windows Azure developers.  Last week it was myazurestorage.com, a tool for viewing your tables in the browser.  This week, it’s PowerShell cmdlets for managing your Windows Azure applications.

cmdlets screenshot

I haven’t gotten to play with them yet, but I’m eager to.  From Ryan’s post:

As of today, you can download some Powershell cmdlets that wrap this API and make managing your Windows Azure applications simple from script.  With these cmdlets, you can script your deploys, upgrades, and scaling operations very easily.

You can download the cmdlets from MSDN Code Gallery page.