Mon, 27 Feb 2012

Joining Aditi as Chief Windows Azure Architect

I just couldn't stay away from the Windows Azure community! I've accepted the position of Chief Windows Azure Architect for Aditi. (Yup, that's my picture on our homepage.)

If you haven't heard of Aditi yet, you probably will. Not only is Aditi a top Microsoft partner already, but the company is making a big bet on Windows Azure specifically, hitting the ground running with the acquisition of Cumulux.

My new job at Aditi has two parts:

  1. I'll continue to be a voice in the Windows Azure community, now from a more hands-on perspective reflecting the experience my colleagues and I have at Aditi.
  2. I'll be working with Aditi's other architects and directly with our customers to build great solutions on Windows Azure.

Click here to see a video we made about my new role at Aditi (requires Silverlight).

If you're interested in hiring Aditi to help with your cloud project, don't hesitate to contact me. (I don't have an email address yet, but will work.)

Also, we're hiring! If you're a Windows Azure expert and want to work with a great team (including me), check

For those wondering what this means for my “Career vNext” plans to build something of my own, it doesn't change them in the slightest. Paddy (Aditi’s CEO) and team have been really flexible in allowing me to continue to build my own company while contributing to Aditi. I'm grateful for that.