Thu, 14 Apr 2011

Building a Simple “” Clone in Windows Azure

[UPDATE 2012-09-14] The app is no longer available, but the code can still be found at

imageA few weeks ago, I built a sample app that I used as a demo in a talk for the Dr. Dobb’s “Programming for the Cloud: Getting Started” virtual event. That pre-recorded talk went live today, and I believe you can still watch the talk on-demand.

For regular readers of my blog, the talk is probably a bit basic, but the app is yet another example of that common pattern of a web role front-end serving up web pages and a worker role back-end doing asynchronous work. The full source code is linked from the bottom of the page, so feel free to check it out.

Note that this is pretty much the most obvious use case ever for the CDN, but I didn’t use it. That was to keep the example as simple as possible for people brand new to the platform.

I don’t promise to keep the app running for very long, so don’t get too attached to your sweet URL. (Mine’s